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As a peer instructor, you will be teaching younger pupils at school. What is a peer instructor?


Peer Instructor

• is not that different from younger pupils

• is credible due to being an equal

• serves as an example and role model for younger pupils


Being a peer instructor benefits you in many ways.

• you learn new things by teaching others

• you gain work experience

• you receive a certificate that will benefit you in upper secondary education and when applying for summer jobs

• you get to meet new pupils

• you gain new experiences


We asked pupils who are already serving as peer instructors why they decided to become peer instructors. This is how they responded:

“As a peer instructor, I…

• receive a work certificate

• gain valuable work experience

• get to come up with ideas and plan new activities with others

• get to influence how the school operates

• gain new experiences

• get to teach younger pupils

• can help younger pupils with their homework

• get to meet new pupils

• get to make my school days more varied

What is a peer instructor like? According to pupils, a peer instructor is

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